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Program / Focus / Action

Conditioning boxing
Conditioning Boxing

The perfect Power Training for all “Office Warriors” This training provides you with Strength, Endurance, Agility and Speed ​​in one. Regular boxing leads to: more self-confidence, more discipline, better shape and better coordination.


The high impact, high intensity classes will push you physically and mentally.


Here you can learn the most important techniques on the TRX. Experience how each muscle fiber is activated in your body and the fat cells melt away.


Running without stress, with enough breaks - and with success guarantee: I make beginners and professionals fit in record time!

Body forming
Body Forming

Individual Training plans for integration into active everyday life whether you want to integrate more exercise into your daily routine, you need a special training plan for your next vacation. My training concept extends far beyond the common personal training.

Functional training
Functional Training

Everyday-relevant and allround-training, consisting of complex movements that require several joints and muscle groups.

FMS screen
FMS Screen

The "Functional-Movement-Screen", a standardized mobility and stability test method, checks important conditional abilities for the detection of potential injury risks and inefficient movement patterns. Weaknesses should be recognized in time and training recommendations should be agreed upon.

  • “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”
    Sillse Giesen
    Personal Trainer — Berlin
Sillse Giesen

About Me

Scientific expertise

In order to always make the right decisions regarding your training, I am helped by the scientific approach that I have acquired in the study of sports and training science. As a sports scientist, I offer you a wide range of background knowledge.

Focus and motivate

Do the necessary work and after completing the possible you will, without realising achieve the impossible.

Personal Training

Two things are necessary for our work: indefatigable endurance and the willingness not to throw away something in which you have put a lot of time and work.


Since I can think, sport is my passion. With my studies for sports and applied training sciences, I put that dream into reality. I have been able to directly apply my knowledge from my studies, as a Professional athlete in skiing, as a passionate field hockey player, Boxer, runner and triathlete. These experiences are invaluable in my role as a personal coach.


Dutch, German and English.

  • Zert. Personal Trainer
  • Zert. Fitness Trainer A+ B
  • Zert. Run Trainer
  • Zert. TRX Trainer
  • Zert. FMS Level 1+2
  • Zert. Ski Trainer
  • Zert. Boxing expert (Gleason’s GYM)

I'm glad I have the chance to see you grow, I'm excited to learn from you, and I am happy to be your friend!

Noah Eubanks
Berlin, Germany

Working out with Sillse has helped me to get in the best shape of my life. I recommend her to anyone who's serious about getting fit.

Eric Morel
Berlin, Germany
Personal trainer in Berlin

Your advantages to the point


You train continuously, with appointments, these are also binding.


You will get an ideal preparation for other demanding sports such as Climbing, golf, mountain hiking or skiing.


Experience authentic and effective whole body training.


Train in private and protected premises.

Here You Can Train with me

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


Husemannstraße 32
10435 Berlin

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YPSC Personaltraining

Chausseestraße 28
10115 Berlin

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Personal Fitness Lounge

Torstraße 40
10119 Berlin

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  • Individual Training programs
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Monday - Sunday: 7am - 9pm

  • “Your will is your limit.”
    Sillse Giesen
    Personal Trainer — Berlin
Personal trainer Berlin
Personal training Berlin
Personal coach Berlin

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Monday-Sunday 7am - 9pm

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